Wooster Super Fab Roller

Wooster Super Fab Roller 450mm / 32mm Nap

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Wooster Super Fab Roller 450mm / 32mm Nap

When word spread in 1964 that users of Super/Fab rollers were painting faster and achieving better finishes than their peers, it propelled this Wooster brand into becoming the best-selling cover in the world. The unique fabric offered contractors paint capacity and coverage that couldn’t be matched. It also had better resistance to matting and smoother finish capability than other knit rollers. Demand has grown the Super/Fab brand into Wooster’s largest selection of roller sizes and naps. Fifty years later, Wooster Super/Fab is still the most popular cover for high-production results with all flat, eggshell and satin paints, stains and waterproofing.

Golden yellow fabric provides exceptional capacity with all flat and satin paints, stains and waterproofing. 

Resists matting for complete coverage, smoother results. 

Green double-think polypropylene core resists water, solvent and cranking. 

Knit fabric.

One of the essential aspects of painting is always choosing the proper tool for the task at hand. It nearly goes without saying...BIG jobs call for a bigger roller. Wooster's 450mm rollers are the best way to achieve faster results on larger surfaces. See for yourself.

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