Wooster 50mm Better, Better, Best

Wooster Better, Better, Best - 50mm Professional Painters Pack

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Wooster 50mm Better, Better, Best

Not sure what brush you want, here's your opportunity to get 3 completely different, hand picked, Wooster brushes in one pack.

Find the brush that suits your style. 

50mm is the ideal size for all your trim work like door and window frames.

Promo Pack Includes:


1 x Wooster Silver Tip Paint Brush

White & silver CT™ polyester, chisel trim.

Very soft formulation, feather stroke.

Paint like the professionals with all the benefits of less brush marks, easier cutting in and better coverage.


1 x Wooster Gold Edge Paint Brush

Gold Edge paint brushes are made with an exclusive formula of chemically tipped polyester.

The filament is very soft and fine to virtually eliminate any brushmarks, yet it has added stiffness to push the paint further on the surface and provide control for sharp, single pass cuts.

Excellent for all paints including enamels.


1 x Wooster Ultra Pro Firm Sable Paint Brush 

Featuring a mix of nylon and polyester, it’s truly an all-purpose professional brush for use in acrylics, latex, or enamels, indoors and out. With fantastic coverage and masterful cut-in control, it saves painters time wherever a firm brush is needed. Look for the purple and sable brown filament and the maroon stamp on the handle.

Time-tested firm formulation of 100% purple nylon, produces the smoothest finish, cleans up fast when done.

Excellent for all medium bodied coatings like acrylic paints or waterbased enamels.

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