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Wagner Control Pro 350 Extra Hose Kit - Ideal For Roof Applications

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Wagner Control Pro 350 Extra - Extra Hose Kit

Wagner Bag a Bargin Promo - Purchase this Control Pro 350 Extra and qualify for a FREE Wagner Tool Bag with purchase.  Offer valid until the end of June 2022 or while stocks last.

The Control Pro Extra Hose Kit gives you a bonus 15m hose so you can join them both together and have 30m of overall length, ideal for roofs, long fences and other applications where 15m is not enough. (can still be used with just 1 x 15m hose)

If you have never sprayed before and are not sure if this unit is suitable for you and your application please give me a call and I will happily work through with you if this is suitable or not. Contact Matt.

This is an article I wrote to help in your decision making process if you know you want an airless sprayer but not sure what model Wagner Control Pro you would like. Wagner Control Pro 350 vs Wagner Control Pro 250

All new HEA (High Efficiency Airless) sprayers are revolutionizing airless spray painting, they are designed for spraying small to large DIY projects, new work and renovations*.

HEA is an innovative technology that gives its user the ability to spray with the highest control and performance, with less overspray, all while reducing the stress put on the sprayers performance. 

The Wagner Control Pro 350 Extra comes with Control Pro gun, 3 Tips (311, 515, 619), 300mm extension pole and 2 x15m hoses - You are ready to spray!


Less Overspray: Reduced pressure leads to a softer and more controllable spray resulting in up to 55% less overspray.

Maximum Control: Slightly feathered edge allows for a better finish when overlapping spray patterns.

Less Fatigue: Reduced pressure in the system results in less bounce back of gun and lower trigger pull force.

Longer Equipment Life: Lower spraying pressure puts less stress on the system.

Direct Suction: Spray directly from the paint can.

Pressure Gauge: Spray at the precise pressure every time.

Pressure Dial: Adjust pressure on one simple dial up to 1600psi.

Integrated Toolbox: Clever storage for spare spray tips and tools.

Easy Inlet Release: Pusher valve to free a stuck inlet.

The unit comes skid-mounted and is lightweight with a built-in handle for easy movement.



3 + 1 Year DIY Warranty and 1 Year Commercial Warranty.

All our prices include GST.

*Please NB these are not designed for commercial painting applications, a general guide would be 1 - 2 houses per year

3 + 1 Year DIY and 1 Year Commercial Use