Unger HydroPower Ultra - Professional Kit Carbon

Unger Ultra Professional Carbon Kit - Chemical Free Window Cleaning Equipment For Professionals

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Unger HydroPower Ultra - Chemical Free Professional Carbon Pole Window Cleaning Kits

The ultimate solution for cleaning windows without chemicals or expensive access equipment, the Professional Carbon kits allow for the user to clean windows with ease.

With 30% more pure water output, while keeping workers firmly on the ground and keeping windows spotless. When paired with a carbon pole, the hydro power DI cleans windows up to five stories high, eliminating the risk of ladder fall or injury.

Easy to assemble and simple to use, the Unger Ultra's filter basic tap water into pure deionised water - WHY - because pure deionised water attracts dirt and grime, there is no need for detergents or chemicals, windows are cleaned in a single step, no squeegees, no cloths and reducing the environmental impact.

The light weight carbon poles allow for ease of use even when fully extended while still providing enough rigidity to get the job done!

With 2 Professional Kits available you choose the limit - 10m or 13.5m. 

The Unger HydroPower Ultra is setting a new standard in deionising filter technology for pure water cleaning.

A definite value-add for every professional glass and building cleaner.

With the UNGER pure water cleaning system, surfaces can be cleaned without the need for any chemicals, efficiently and safely.

Whether for professional window cleaning, solar cleaning or façade cleaning, dirt can be removed quickly and effectively thanks to the high cleaning efficiency of the pure water produced - without reworking.


Over 30% more pure water per resin filling

Every Ultra resin pack contains a pre-portioned amount of UNGER premium ion-exchange resin 

With a new formula, perfected for glass cleaning

The FloWater technology 2.0 in every Ultra resin pack ensures and efficient flow of water through the whole tank which optimises the resin saturation

Integrated digital measuring device displays the water hardness of the pure water coming out

Intuitive colour coded system

KeyLock function eliminates risk of operating errors

Stable quick-fit metal hose connector

Practical shut-off valve prevents leakage during transport

Pre-installed, dynamic control guarantees optimum water flow at all times

nLite Telescopic Poles

The innovative nLite Connect range utilises both  telescopic and modular concepts, so you can add on or remove Extension Poles for comfortable cleaning at any height.

The Diameter of the nLite Connect pole you are holding will never exceed 35 mm, irrespective of the number of Extension Poles.

Both Kits Include:

HydroPower Ultra Filter S 

nLite Connect Carbon Master Pole - Extends from 1.9m - 6.6m

nLite Connect Carbon Extension Pole - Extends from 1.9 - 3.4m

nLite Angle Brush 40 cm

nLite MultiLink angle adapter 20 cm

nLite Hose 25 m

HiFlo Control

13.5m Option Includes:

nLite Extension Pole Extension Pole - Extends from 1.9 - 3.4m 

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12 Month Warranty