Two Fussy Blokes Premium Glass Scraper with 2 Additional Blades

Two Fussy Blokes Premium Glass Scraper And Replacement Blades

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Two Fussy Blokes Premium 100mm Glass Scraper 

Introducing another top of the line product from Two Fussy Blokes: 

These Premium Glass Scrapers have been carefully designed with your safety and comfort in mind.

Featuring a 100mm blade, that can be rotated easily from sharp edge to safe edge. The rotating safety feature minimises the risk of injury whilst safely removing paint, dirt, adhesives and more from glass with minimal effort.

Feel like MacGyver, with an ergonomically designed handle that uniquely stores two hidden blades for quick and easy blade replacement. Just hold the end of the handle, pull to reveal the hidden replacement blades, and gently lift the cover to release a new blade.

Close the lever and slide the blade compartment back into place ensuring it clicks.

Carefully remove the dull used blade and replace it with the new one, ensuring that the locking squares are correctly fitted into the jaws.

Three Handy Options Available:

Premium Glass Scraper Only which includes a total of 3 Blades.

Replacement Two Fussy Blokes 10 Pack of 100mm Glass Scraper Blades.

Premium Glass Scraper with additional Replacement 10 Pack of Blades for a total of 13 blades.

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