Star SMV-1F 3/4 Suction Gun & 700cc Cup

Star SMV-1F 3/4 Suction Gun & 700cc Cup

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Star SMV-1F Suction Gun & Cup

The SMV-1F series is a 3/4 size gun with a 700cc suction cup

The Star SMV-1F Suction Spray Gun is a superb performer for all single and two pack work, including clears and water borne paint.

The Star SMV series is the top of the range and features a forged body that is lightweight and strong and exceptionally nice to hold.

Lightweight forged body for effortless all day use.

Low overspray is a feature of this gun and it is often preferred for smaller area and detailed work than a full sized gun.

Fast application rates for professional jobs.

Aluminium 700ml suction cup with drip free diaphragm fitted.

The new air cap design provides first class atomisation for all automotive and industrial paints.

Air consumption is lower at 285 - 340 l/min (10 - 12 cfm)

Operating pressure is 2.0 - 2.5 bar ( 29 - 35 psi).

Fan pattern width up to 220 - 270 mm at a spraying distance of 120 - 200 mm.

Supplied Ready To Spray:

The gun is supplied with a 1 litre suction cup, filter, cleaning brush, spanner and Big Bore quick connector.

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