Stainless Steel Paint Strainer with Adjustable Handles

Stainless Steel Paint Strainer with Adjustable Handles - Fits 10L And 20L Pails

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Stainless Steel Paint Strainer with Adjustable Handles

The struggle to find a sieve for use with big buckets is over, simply adjust the handles to fit the bucket you are using, 10 litre or 20 litre.

The 225mm diameter sieve provides a large surface area for pouring paint into and less chance of missing.

0.7mm Mesh is small enough to catch all that pesky debris but big enough to allow the paint to flow through freely.

Stainless steel construction makes it ideal for straining all types of paint, but it is ideally suited to waterbased paints due to the larger mesh.

Provides extra filtering to prevent clogging and excessive wear to your painting equipment.

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   •Time-tested soft formulation of 100% purple nylon, produces the smoothest finish, cleans up fast when done
   •Excellent for 1) all light, thin coatings like interior latex or water-based clears, 2) cool to warm temperatures, and 3) whenever a painter wants a fine-finish soft brush
   •Round rust-resistant steel ferrule
   •Sealed maple wood handle