Smirdex 150mm Ceramic (740) Velcro Abrasive Discs

Smirdex 150mm Ceramic Grain 15 Hole Velcro Abrasive Discs - 100 Pack

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Smirdex 150mm Ceramic Grain 15 Hole Velcro Abrasive Discs

The 740 Ceramic disc offers fast cutting with improved performance that last significantly longer than the conventional abrasives, with a water-based stearate coating provides maximum load resistance, thus extending the life of the product.

The Ceramic grains provide long-lasting sharp edges, offering better finishing results on the treated surfaces. The 740 Ceramic products are perfect for sanding any type of material, such as scratch resistant varnishes and e-coats, primers and composites, eliminating the need for specialty products. This high efficiency, better preforming product is perfect for the industries, such as car refinishing and marine hard tasks. 

100 discs per box

15 Hole 150mm Discs, (8+6+1 Holes)

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