Sherlock GT® Javelin 1200mm Pole Extender

Sherlock GT Javelin 120mm Pole Extender - Extends Your Extension Pole

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Sherlock GT Javelin 1200mm Pole Extender

Have you ever wished your extension pole was just a little bit longer, Wooster once again has thought outside the box and designed the Javelin which connects via there quick connect system to any GT pole giving you that extra reach you need.

Add four feet (1.22m), to any Sherlock GT or use as a separate pole.

Anodized aluminum material, lightweight and strong.

Special bayonet Grip Tip™ holds Wooster tools in place so they cannot twist or loosen.

Instantly change tools with one push on the fiberglass-reinforced nylon lever.

Please only ever connect one Javelin per GT pole.

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