RollaTray Max

RollATray Max - A Jumbo Paint Tray On Wheels

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RollATray Max - The Jumbo Paint Tray on Wheels

If you are a commercial painter this is a tool that you need to add to your professional arsenal, you will have all the other painters jealous.

The team at ZorrCorp create tools that are functional and time saving, the RollaTray Max is exactly this, using your paint roller you can move the tray as you need without having to pick it up, no risk of spills.

Use any size roller sleeve but ideal for 460mm (18")

The RollaTray Max is a paint tray on heavy duty caster wheels designed to roll over tarps with ease.

The RollaTray Max eliminates the need to bend over, pick up and move a paint tray and also eliminates the risk of spilling paint while lifting.

The deep well in the front of the tray holds up to 5.6 litres of paint. 

Increases productivity by reducing physical strain.

Two inch caster wheels allow for easy maneuvering over tarps.

Custom Liner available for purchase here.

Made in the USA.

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