Render And Texture Sprayers

Screw driven machines for aggregate based products such as acrylic based renders, textures, waterproofing, grouting and fireproofing compounds.

The application of organic and mineral materials is really hard work. The material often has to be carried up in buckets over several floors, especially in multi-storey buildings. Dirt and mess on construction sites are inevitable. Wagner texture and render machines makes things much easier. The material is pumped from the ground to heights of up to 30 metres.

The PlastCoat units are suitable for a huge variety of applications, such as thermal insulation, textured plaster and paint, acrylic based renders, smoothing and structuring, waterproofing, concrete repair and much more, and will ensure a uniform coating quality.

When material is applied using PlastCoat units, it is fed from the hose to the spray lance via a spiral/screw pump. When compressed air is injected at the spray lance, the heavy material is atomised to ensure uniform application. Screw pumps use a displacement worm drive mechanism to deliver the material through the rotor and the stator. The equipment is exceptionally durable and low maintenance.