Remington  Industrial / Commercial Dehumidifier, RPDH90

Remington 90 Litre Industrial & Commercial Dehumidifier, RPDH90

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Remington 90 Litre Industrial & Commercial Dehumidifier, 

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The Remington Power dehumidifier series allows facility owners and project managers to control the relative humidity as they draw excess moisture out of the air to achieve and maintain proper humidity levels.

These dehumidifiers are ideal for extracting moisture from flooded rooms, wet cellars, damp environments.

The Remington Power Dehumidifier range is ideal for use on construction sites, humid spaces, in case of moisture problems and to protect moisture sensitive materials.

With large, shockproof wheels, evacuation pump, and removable / reusable air filter this range of dehumidifier will save you time and money leading to shorter waiting times on sites, and help to avoid moisture and mold problems.

Dehumidifier benefits:

Save time: faster drying of plasters, timber, paint and concrete, especially in damp environments.

Money saving: Shorter waiting times on your projects.

Allows faster application of paints, parquet and other flooring without the risk of residual moisture .

Avoids moisture and mold problems .

Optimal results when used in combination with a mobile fan.


Large capacity: 90 litres per 24 hrs.

Manual or automatic operation (hygrostat).

Robust metal casing with retractable metal handle.

Rotary compressor.

Pump water up to 5m high.

Digital display and timer for ease of use.

Quiet operation - only 66dBA.

Automatic defrost option.


On construction sites: plaster, repaints, timber curing, ...

In case of moisture problems after a water leak or flood.

Improve air quality in constantly humid spaces: cellars, laundries.

To protect moisture-sensitive materials such as paper, metals, wood stores, etc.


Large, shockproof PE wheels and convenient handle for easy movement on uneven terrain.

Evacuation via an inlet of 160mm: Suction pipe (available separately) allows targeted drying of very humid areas.

Removable and reusable air filter.

Digital display and timer for easy operation.

Removable metal handle.

Integrated lift pump with 5m loading height: ideal for cellars and excavations.

Can stay active thanks to the evacuation pump (Not limited by tank capacity).

Automatic defrost option.

Quiet operation - only 66dBA .

Ecological coolant R410A.



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