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Door Stackers for Spray Painting Doors

New, improved ALMAX Door Stackers have a punched detail that holds the door a few mil - Washers are no longer required.

100% compatible with any old door stackers.

Door stackers are a complete handling method for spray painting doors.

By using the Door Stacking system you are able to stack all wet or dry doors neatly and out of the way.

Allows operator-friendly horizontal spraying

Simply attach the handles to each end of the door, spray, turn over, spray and stack.

Steel brackets will allow for doors to be stacked neatly and out of the way until dry.


Complete handling method for painting doors.

Steel brackets stack together to hold doors until dry.

Stack all wet or dry doors neatly and out of the way - Ideal when you have limited drying space.

Horizontal spraying provides higher film build with no runs and reduces back strain.

Set of 2 brackets for 1 door. 

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