Paintshaver Pro and Duravac PRO32HS - H Class Vacuum Package

Paintshaver Pro and Duravac Pro H-Class Vacuum Package

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Paintshaver Pro and 30 Litre Duravac PRO32HS - H Class Vacuum Package  

Get a Paintshaver Pro and a Duravac H Class Wet and Dry Vacuum package and you are ready to tackle any lead paint removal job.

The DURAVAC PRO32HS is an innovative vacuum dust extractor designed to work together with power tools making it an ideal pairing for use with the Paintshaver Pro when potentially hazardous dust is present..

With the H-Class certification the vacuum cleaner filters catch 99.9% of dust (under 2 microns), designed for use where hazardous dusts need to be safely extracted while providing maximum protection and performance.

To clean the filter you just need to push a button and it will be ready to use. It is also equipped with a multi-stage filtration system consisting of a microfibre bag and a High Efficiency HEPA H14 cartridge - thanks to the bag you avoid clogging the cartridge.

NB* To remain H class this vacuum must always be used with a vacuum bag.

The package includes:

1 x Paintshaver Pro 

1 X Duravac Pro32HS Industrial Vacuum 

1 x Set of Tungsten Paintshaver Blades

5 x H Class Vacuum bags 

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Paintshaver Pro - 24 Month Commercial Use Warranty Duravac - 12 Month Commercial Use Warranty