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The PaintShaver Pro

Introducing the Next Generation in Paint Stripping Technology.

The Paint Shaver Pro has re-invented paint stripping. Instead of messy liquid strippers you now have the choice to use a high performance power tool that gets you big results, fast.

The Paint Shaver Pro will strip away multiple layers of paint at a time and collect it all into a vacuum system for easy disposal. 

The Paint Shaver Pro Will Save You Time and Make You Money.

The Paint Shaver Pro requires no set up time, simply plug it in and away you go. Strip a single weatherboard, or a whole house. The Paintshaver Pro can safely strip lead based paints by using a vacuum system with a Hepa filter.
Includes 1 spare sets of Tungsten Blades
The Benefits: 

• The Paint Shaver Pro requires no set up.

• The Paint Shaver Pro requires minimal clean up. 

• The Paint Shaver Pro uses no chemicals.

• The Paint Shaver Pro can safely strip Lead Based Paints. 

• The Paint Shaver Pro strips the underside and face of weatherboards simultaneously.

• The replaceable tungsten carbide blades will strip up to 400 square metres.

• The Paint Shaver Pro’s depth of cut is adjustable to strip any thickness of paint.

• Paint Shaver Pro can be used by Professionals and Do-it-yourselfers. 

• New diamond tipped blades will strip paint from flat concrete and fiberglass surfaces.*


1200 Watts

10,000 RPM

Soft Start Motor with Anti-KickBack Protection

66mm Cutting Width

0-2.54mm Adjustable Cutting Depth

Download Matts 7 Rules To Strip By Here

All Prices Include GST 


*Paintshaver does not include diamond blades

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  • 5
    Great product and service

    Posted by Morgan on 7th Feb 2021

    Millin (Matt) is fantastic! I was hesitant about ordering as I don't trust online much, but the paint shaver was dispatched quickly and exceeded expectations. As a small painting company, it is always scary spending lots on a tool you have never used before. Matt was fantastic with support and it has now changed the whole way we approach jobs! Thanks so much, you will probably be our new preferred supplier for many of our tools!!

  • 5
    Best thing I brought before lockdown

    Posted by Tom Milton on 13th Apr 2020

    3 weeks in and I have stripped my whole house, the paintshaver made it so easy ..... now to try and buy some more paint

  • 5
    Works perfectly

    Posted by Scott on 28th Mar 2020

    Great tool and Matt has great customer service, helped me with every question, would post a photo of the results if I could, very happy

  • 5
    The best tool for the job

    Posted by Michael Frogley on 15th Feb 2016

    After trying several methods and tools to strip our weatherboards, we decided that we should save up and purchase the Paint Shaver Pro. It does cost more than competitor tools on the market (which last a few hours of use before breaking), but the money is very well spent. Such a simple concept I'm surprised there aren't more tools like this on the market. The Paint Shaver Pro is built to a high standard and makes the job of paint stripping easy.
    If you want a great finish on your weatherboards, this is where you start.

  • 5
    60 year old weatherboard repaint

    Posted by Andrew McC on 9th Jan 2016

    I purchased the paintshaver pro 2015 after doing a fair amount of Internet research.
    I am an indentured carpenter and a building official ( Building Inspector)
    This machine met all of my expectations.
    I have found that due to the depth of the weatherboards and that they are not always hard back against the lower weatherboard : I have to cant the machine on an angle to cut the full width of the underside of the board - that is to say if the long face of the blade at the top opening was longer then it would cut the whole width of the bottom face of the board.
    Certainly a clean and safer option for stripping/ prepping timber weather boards. Which is essential with lead based primers and materials.

    I have a cheap vacuum cleaner that works fine ($100) and have not used a higher end vacuum which I suspect would be better, my one requires regular emptying, which I suspect any vacuum would as the volume of product stripped builds up quickly. As I already had this vacuum and do not have the tax benefits of runing the purchase through a business I will keep using the current one then consider a better model when up for renewal.

    This is like any power tool, ( or hand tool) and does require some manual dexterity, certainly for me no problem to use and have improved my handling skills with it rapidly.

    My house is two storey and I am working off multiple levels on a scaffold I have not taken a stopwatch to measure how long it takes to prep but if you asked me I would say about an hour per square metre - this includes set up and pack up clean up , Paintshaver stripping, orbital 60 grit and 80 grit sanding, hand scraping detailing in corners against scribers , some hand sanding, arising the bottom corner of the weatherboards , removing down pipes and brackets.
    So after that one hour per square metre you are ready to get your paint brush out.
    If you had bigger walls (20plus square metres) without detailing or windows I suspect your time expectations could reduce some.

    I found that by turning the tool 90 degrees ! And by tilting the engine up from the work surface I could get close (25mm)into scribers minimising the hand work internal corners would be further out but I have not got to the one I have to do yet. (Disclaimer/warning- when you tilt/cant the tool stripped product can fly out and I use personal protective safety gear)

    Note that this is a part time project for me and I am not working on it for more that five hours at a time so if you are doing eight hours or more you may become more time efficient.

    Some degree of physical strength and fitness / stamina is required as you have to hold the paintshaver in front of you and above and below you depending on your working platform level- I set my scaffold so that I adjust the working levels to approximately 1 metre increments, thus reducing crouching/knealing and overhead/ stretching.

    I found the purchasing process excellent and very proffessional advice and service.
    Delivery was prompt and up to usual courier standards- my dog scares all the couriers away so I always have to pick up from the depot :)
    Bottom line do your research ask any questions you have and you should be very happy with the product.

  • 5
    Paint Shaver Pro 2015

    Posted by Mark on 29th Mar 2015

    Great tool, I was dreading removing the 80 years worth of paint from my house exterior, but this makes it an almost enjoyable task! On delivery, I was pleased to find that the supplied hose fitted straight onto my existing industrial vacuum cleaner without needing any additional adapters. I easily achieved a good finish on the mix of Matai, Rimu & Pine boards, though 2 or 3 Kahikatea boards were left in a rough condition requiring extensive sanding. Also, hard to do internal corners where 2 walls meet, had to resort to scraping & sanding about 200mm of paint in the corner because the handle design prevented getting in close to the corner. Would be nice to have the option to turn the handles/grinder 90 degrees to get in awkward areas such as boards that are close to the ground.

  • 5
    Paint Shaver Pro

    Posted by Graeme J on 10th May 2014

    I was becoming very frustrated with the time it was taking me with prep, had enough of sniffing paint stripper, my heat gun was great for some applications. Some one suggested the Metabo machine.Thank god for you tube because from the reviews this other machine called the paint shaver pro came through as the one to buy.Rang matt and received it 2 days later. Unfortunately with weather i have only used it once but it's going to be great,just need to let the machine do the work for me.I could not believe how heavy my vacuum cleaner was,the bag was full of fine shavings, it works.

  • 5
    Pro Shaver

    Posted by Angie's Painting & Decorating on 1st May 2014

    Hi Matt this is Angie's Painting & Decorating. We would like to say your customer service was great, you answered all our questions for the Pro Shaver.
    The Pro Shaver is a fantastic tool for us Business we havent stop using it on our customers Weatherboards Windows and Door steps. Its saving time us alot of time . We would like to thank you again and looking foward to buying a few more for our Painting Business .
    Kind Regards

  • 4
    A tool every painter should have

    Posted by Nathan Monk on 14th Jan 2014

    What a great tool, strips paint off weather board at about 1m per 20 seconds. Take the time to get use to how the tool works and your results will be better.

3 Year Warranty