Optrel Weldcap Welding Helmet

Optrel Weldcap Welding Helmet - Comfort Of A Baseball Cap!

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Optrel Weldcap Welding Helmet

Welding has never been so comfortable and safe

The new Optrel weldcap combines the lightweight wear comfort of a baseball cap with the full protection of an auto darkening welding helmet. 

Weldcap is soft where it needs to be comfortable, rigid where it needs to be tough - combined with an extensive field of view that expands a welder's line of sight by 2.7 times.

The weldcap - an automatic welding cap, that combines the comforts of a leisure hat with the advantages of a full welding helmet.

Predestined for users whose area of ​​responsibility includes not only welding but also other metalworking tasks.

Are you performing changing working steps where the welding protection must be quickly put on and taken off? Then you will be enthusiastic about our weldcap line.

Shade Level 3/9-12

Darkening levels from 9 to 12 cover the majority of welding applications and with a protection level 3 in its general mode, the welder has a bright and well-lit view of the workplace.

This feature makes the optrel weldcap ideal for grinding jobs as well.

Let the show begin

Since the optrel weldcap is neither a welding helmet nor a welding mask, optrel had to invent beside the product, also a new name for the product category. Hence the name says it all, because the weldcap stands for an auto-darkening welder’s cap that brings together the comfort of a casual cap and the advantages of a full welding helmet.

The heart of this innovative product is the optical unit featuring a well-defined nose cut out. Thereby the visual unit is placed closer to the eyes compared to traditional welding helmets, which helps to increase the welder’s line of sight by 2.7 times! Moreover, because of this, the weight shifts closer to the centre of gravity so that the weldcap is excellently counterbalanced and the load on the back of the welder’s neck is significantly reduced.

The optrel weldcap weighs only 390 grams, so it is an absolutely lightweight. It relieves the welder of about 200 kg load capacity over a year, when compared to conventional welding helmets.

The optrel weldcap is also completely hygienic. The textile part is robust and easily detachable, and is made of easily-washable, flame retarded fabric.

MODEL: Weldcap

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