Silent Drive Dual Fusion 220,000 BTU Heater, RPH2205DVF

New Model - Silent Drive Dual Fusion, Maintenance Free, 220,000 BTU Heater, RPH2205DVF

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Remington 220,000 BTU Silent Drive Dual Fusion Heater

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Introducing the next generation of forced air workshop heaters...

The RPH2205D5FV heater incorporates brand new patented technology that is set to revolutionise the portable diesel heater market.

The RPH2205DFV SILENT DRIVE answers the call for a professional industrial heater that is quieter, easy to maintain and super reliable year in, year out, whatever the conditions.

Half the Noise

The RPH2205DFV emits 82dBA at full blast, compared to around 92dBA from a 210,000 BTU conventional Forced-Air Heater. That amounts to 50% less noise while producing the same level of heat!

Maintenance Free

Silent Drive Heaters don’t have any filters to keep clean, or any periodic adjustments to be made by the end user, you simply keep using it, day after day, without worry.

Energy Efficient

Dual Fusion Technology allows the heater to operate using 46% less electricity than a 210,000 BTU conventional Kerosene Heater. Utilizing the feedback from consumers, we set out to build a much quieter, more efficient Forced-Air Heater.

We developed our patented Dual Fusion Technology to make that idea into the reality that is Silent Drive.

A standard Torpedo heater uses the same air stream for both combustion and to blow hot air into the heated space. Our Dual Fusion Technology separated those two processes, while making each quieter and more efficient.

The new design also drastically revised the fueling system, changing to high pressure injection. This change has also gotten rid of all routine maintenance needed on a standard Forced-Air Heater. There are no filters to keep clean, or rotor gaps to reset. The end result is that Dual Fusion Technology makes Silent-Drive Heaters significantly quieter, more energy efficient, and far more user friendly than any comparable standard Torpedo Heaters.

You are looking at the next step forward.


220,000 BTU Silent Drive Dual Fusion Heater

Convenient top mounted digital controls

Ultra portable - 31kg with solid wheels

65kW - 511m2 heating

49 litre tank for up to 10hrs heating

Built in thermostat

Multi fuel capable

Only 82dBA @ 1m

Model: RPH2205DVF

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