Miracle Wipes 90 Pack for Cleaning Up Paint

Miracle Wipes for Paint - Professional Grade Cleaning Wipes

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Miracle Wipes - Specialist Paint Wipes - 90 Pack

These paint wipes work as a surface preparation wipe or to clean up all things not intentionally painted - including hands.  

Whether the mess was intentional, or the result of a quick moving toddler - Miracle Wipes are the answer.  These easy to use wipes can be used on a wide variety of surfaces ensuring cleaning up even the biggest of messes is super quick.  

MiracleWipes easily removes oil-based paints, latex paints, caulking, epoxy, colorant and more.

Developed using a dual textured design and resilient fabric to ensure that they could withstand more than a single wipe.

The unique meltblown design of the polypropylene wipe ensures that spills are drawn into the wipe and away from the outer layer - this design element limits smearing residue as you continue to clean up.

Most importantly they are safe for use on hands, with a combination of coconut oil extracts, organic compounds and other proprietary ingredients.  

Ideal Clean Up For:

Oil-based and Latex Paints

Adhesives, Glues and Caulking

Urethanes, Epoxies and Resins

Scuffmarks and Inks

Ideal Surfaces:

Hands and Tools

Metal, Glass, Plastic, Porcelain, Ceramic

Stone, Cement, Leather, Wood, Carpet, Wicker

Decks, Fences and More


Each wipe is 30cm x 15cm

Absorb and Lock Design

Surface and Skin Safe

Made in the USA 

Try Miracle Wipes for Paint today and save time on your prep and cleanup today!

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