LED Beanie With Rechargable Headlight

LED Beanie With Rechargeable Headlight - Grey or Black

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LED Beanies - A Bright Idea that keeps you warm.

A warm knitted beanie hat with waterproof integrated USB rechargeable LED headlight.
The original and patented warm knitted beanie with a built in USB rechargeable LED headlight.  The light is so slimline - you won’t feel it while wearing the beanie, and with a high bright LED - the beanie provides excellent flood-light illumination around the wearer.
If you are in the trade these are a great work light, whether working in ceiling space, on a new build without power or spray painting, they will light up your work area and keep you warm.
Robust Design - Ideal for Painters, Electricians, Plumbers, Running, Fishing, Camping etc
Detatchable - The light can easily be removed from the hat and can be charged directly through a USB Port or using a USB connector in the car or at home.
RechargableLight is easily removed from the hat to recharge.
The intergrated rechargeable headlight gives you approx 4 hours of light off one charge and lets you choose between three light modes.
4 x high powered LEDs - 200 Lumens of power in a slimline design means that you can't feel the light when wearing the beanie but provides high power when needed i.e. Walking the dog after dark, Outdoors, Fishermen, Cyclists, Runners and Walkers.
Patented Design.
300MA lithium-polymer battery.
Weatherproof so that you can get the beanie wet.
Easily remove the LED light when the beanie gets dirty so it can be washed.
Available in Black or Grey.
Comfortable knitted beanie.
Material: 35% acrylic 65% polyester, machine washable at 30 degrees.
One size fits all.
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