Haydn 2KW Industrial Electric Heater

Haydn 2KW Industrial Electric Fan Heater

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Haydn 2KW Industrial Fan Heater

This robust 2KW Heater offers a more industrial friendly option to heat a worksite, office or dry a freshly painted or plastered room.

The self resetting thermostat controls the heating element by testing the air inlet temperature. It will switch off the heater once the desired room temperature has been reached, protecting the heater from overheating.

Haydn 2kw Heater is an ideal heat source in small areas and worksite offices where a domestic fan heater would usually be used, but a safer, sturdier option is required.

Equipped with an adjustable temperature gauge and a 45-degree adjustable air outlet.

Ideal for:

Increasing temperature in rooms or worksites.

Support drying process of interiors.


Adjustable Temperature.

Ergonomic shape.

Portable with Carry Handle Incorporated Design.

Automatic power failure protection for overheating.

45 Degree adjustable Air Outlet.

Suitable for home, worksite or factory.

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Haydn 1 Year Limited Electrical Warranty