Haydn 270mm Professional Draylon 6mm Nap Sleeve

Haydn 270mm Professional Draylon Roller Sleeves - Premium Paint Deserves A Premium Roller

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Haydn 270mm Professional Draylon Roller Sleeves

Have you ever found yourself buying your roller sleeves based purely on the cheapest price and not really giving it much thought or just genuinely have no idea? 

The Professional Draylon Roller Sleeve is designed for the discerning painter, where the finished result is paramount. Bargain rollers can break apart and leave lint in your paint finish. 

Haydn draylon roller sleeves are manufactured using the highest quality draylon fabric. The fabric is bonded onto the core using a high heat process. Our unique core is made of polypropylene which is solvent resistant and will retain its shape even after continual use.

Haydn's 270mm roller sleeves come in a range of Naps to cover off all your painting projects including walls, ceilings, gib board, plaster, smooth wall paper and hardboard, through to rough plaster, brick work, stucco, trellis and block work. 

Suitable for: Oil and water based paints and polyurethane.

Haydn Roller Sleeves Guide


Here at Haydn, we have pioneered the introduction of roller sleeve fabrics to the New Zealand market that is compatible with all paint types.

All Haydn roller sleeves use plastic core technology making them impervious to solvents, practically seamless, tougher and more durable than cardboard cores

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