Haaga Sweeper 497 Profi with iSweep

HAAGA Sweeper 497 Profi With iSweep - With A Massive 97cm Sweeping Width

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Haaga Floor Sweeper 497 With A Massive 97cm Sweeping Width

Take cleaning your large space to a new faster than before level, designed to sweep up to 3600 sqm an hour.

The Haaga floor sweeper is highly efficient and easy to operate, due to its light weight. The patented turbo sweeping system grabs the debris from in the front and deposits it into the rear, just pop the latch and empty the debris with ease.

Isweep technology allows all the gears in the Haaga sweeper to be self lubricating, without wear. This creates more durability and a longer life cycle for each gear.

It is also easy to store, with a stand up storage designed to take up little space, how good is that!!

Haaga Sweepers use a patented sweeping system that has revolutionised how the world sweeps, the floor sweepers are perfect for any factory, school, workshop, car parks or even to tidy up around home. The unique three brush sweeping machines can clean large areas inside and outside fast and efficiently and are available both in manual or battery powered operation

Advantages of the Haaga 497 Profi with iSweep Turbosweeper: 

Patented Turbo Sweeping System.

966mm clearing path sweeps twice with one motion.

Twin front brushes rotate in opposite direction grabbing debris.

Brush roller on bottom picks up finer particles.

Side rollers sweep along walls.

All brushes are driven with long-lasting, smooth-running gears without susceptible straps.

Vertical, space-saving storage (only 0.25 m²), without the dirt falling out.

Brush pressure regulation.

Light weight and extremely maneuverable.

Sweeps dry and wet leaves.

Trouble-free, beltless operation. 

Height-adjustable telescope push handle.


966mm Sweeping Width.

Sweep areas up to 2000sqm

50 Litre Container.

Outstanding Warranty

4 year warranty on brushes

2 year warranty overall

All Prices Incl GST 

4 year warranty on brushes and 2 year warranty overall