Graco FFLP Low Pressure Tips

Graco RACX Fine Finish Low Pressure Tips - FFLP

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Graco FFLP - Fine Finish Low Pressure Tips

With advancements in technology Graco have created the FFLP or Fine Finish Low Pressure spray tips. These deliver the industries best finish at low pressure.

The Graco FFLP tips operate at up to 50% lower pressure than the standard RAC X tips, delivering a consistent blended finish quality with complete atomization.

The lower overspray is achieved by the reduced pressure of the paint hitting the surface.

FFLP tips have double the life of traditional tips due to spraying at half pressure.


Spray at up to 50% less pressure.

Less overspray.

Easiest pattern overlap.

Reduces prep and cleanup,

Up to twice the life.

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