Graco RAC X LTX Switchtips

Graco RAC X LTX Switch Tips

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Graco RAC X LTX - Switch Tips

Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) Switch Tips

RAC X Switch Tips are the highest performing and longest lasting tips in the industry!

Graco has developed a full range of RAC X switch tips to cover every application on the market today, including heavy duty high pressure applications.

The Graco RAC X is designed to maintain a wider spray pattern for a longer period of time. A wider spray fan means fewer passes with the gun and better productivity.


All RAC X Switch Tips include the exclusive 'OneSeal' that can be installed with no tools.

Large raised tip size numbers are always legible – even when covered with paint.

The superior locking tab tip design ensures that the tip stays securely in the guard.

Max WPR: 4050 PSI (280 bar, 28.0 MPa).

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