Graco GMAX II 3900 Petrol Airless Sprayer, Hi-Boy

Graco GMAX II 3900 Petrol Airless Sprayer, Hi-Boy

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Graco GMAX II 3900 Petrol Airless Sprayer - Hi-Boy

Producing 65% more performance than the GMAX 3400, the Graco GMAX II 3900 has the power and flow to handle up to two guns and is ideal for the professional contractor who sprays a wide variety of coatings.

Powered by Honda engines, these portable rigs will go anywhere, whether that is residential, commercial or the most demanding industrial jobs. 

Standout Features:

Powered by contractor preferred Honda engines, lightweight, powerful and most importantly reliable.

SmartControl 3.0 Advanced Pressure Control, this clever technology delivers a 'consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuation at all spraying pressures". 


Max Tip Size:

1 Gun - 0.036 

2 Guns - 0.023

Max LPM: 4.7

Max PSI: 3300

Motor (HP): 120cc Honda (4HP)

Graco Features:

SmartControl 3.0 Pressure Control - Advanced Microprocessor Control.

Consistent spray fan & pressure control.

Handles the widest range of coatings with the most consistent fan pattern.

Lowest dead band at any pressure.

Endurance Chromex Piston Pump

The most reliable pump on the market that lasts 2 times longer than the next leading brand.

Repack the pump in minutes with the new QuikPak Cartridge System.

QuikChange pump design allows you to swap the pump easily on the job.

Faster cleaning with the QuikAccess intake foot valve.

Precision Advantage Drive

The longest lasting drive.

Hardened steel gears provide extremely quiet operation.

Lifetime Warranty.

EasyOut Pump Filter 

Filters from the inside out and will not collapse.

Standard Features:

Pressure Control - Easy adjustment of spray pressure.

Rugged Cart Design – Chrome over steel makes this durable cart last for years.

The Graco GMAX II 3900 is supplied ready to start spray painting with Contractor Spray Gun, 15m BlueMax II Airless Hose and RAC X 517 Spray Tip.

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2 Year Warranty