Graco 390 PC Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

Graco 390 PC Stand- The No Frills Contractor Airless Spray Unit

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Graco 390 PC - A No Frills Contractor Airless Spray Unit

The Graco 390 PC is a big step up from the Graco 190 PC, it boasts 3 very important features not found on the smaller unit:

  1/ Graco FTx Spray Gun - This is a superior quality 4 finger airless spray gun  

  2/ 15m BlueMax II Airless Hose - 15m vs 7.5m means you will not have to move the spray unit constantly.

  3/ Increased Flow Rate - 2.0 LPM allows for spraying of a much wider range of materials and with less stress on the machine.

Designed specifically for the painter who spray paints occasionally but still wants a quality machine that will perform reliably job after job.

Although small in sizethe Graco 390 PC Express is a genuine contractors airless paint sprayer powerful enough to add a second 15m hose for painting roofs..

Being small allows for easy site maneuverability, effortlessly runs off a generator makes it a great choice for rural applications and sites with no power supply.

The Graco 390 PC is supplied ready to start spray painting with a FTx Spray Gun, 15m BlueMax II Airless Hose and  RAC X 517 Spray Tip.


Max Tip Size: 0.021

Max LPM: 2.0

Max PSI: 3300

Motor (HP): 5/8

Graco Features:

Endurance Pump - The most reliable pump on the market that lasts 2 times longer than the next leading brand.

Advantage Drive - High-ratio reduction provides slow pump stroking.

EasyOut Pump Filter - Filters from the inside out and will not collapse.

Offset carry Handle - Simple but functional allows the unit to be carried comfortability.

ProConnect Pump Replacement System - Allows DIY pump replacement avoiding costly downtime with repairs.

Standard Features:

Pressure Control - Easy adjustment of spray pressure.

Flexible Suction Set - Inlet suction hose easily reaches paint buckets.

15m Airless hose.

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Buying an airless spray unit is an investment and an expensive one at that, if you have any questions, doubts or just want some no pressure advice please get in touch. Contact Matt

2 Year Warranty + Lifetime Drive Train