Gel Peeler Pro

Gel Peeler Pro - Strips Gelcoat And Fibreglass (For Osmosis & Damaged Boat Repairs)

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Gel Peeler Pro - Strips Gelcoat And Fibreglass

The New Gel Peeler Pro has been designed to effectively and efficiently strip gelcoat from fiberglass boats (for osmosis repair) and to remove layers of fiberglass for repairing sections of damaged fibreglass boats.

The Gel Peeler has the advantage of attaching to a 100mm (4") high flow vacuum hose to allow for maximum waste removal and collection, this can be attached to most industrial vacuums. Dust extraction is usually in the range of 90% but will vary depending on the dust extractor used.

The adjustable depth allows for a cutting depth from 0 to 1.5mm .

The Gel Peeler cutting head is 50mm wide and will strip approx 1sqm of gelcoat in about 4 minutes.

The cutting is done by 4 indexable carbide blades which can be rotated 4 times to expose new cutting edges.

(1 set of blades will do approx 20 - 25 sqm of gelcoat stripping)

At just over 3kgs the Gel Peeler Pro is one of the lightest most powerful gelcoat removers available, this combined with the 2 handles that can rotate through 360°, allows the user to achieve the easiest and most comfortable user experience for every job. Less fatigue means more work accomplished.

The following video show the Gel Peeler in action

(for demonstration purposes only we have not attached the vacuum so you can see how fast the tool works)

Includes 1 Spare Set Of Blades

Note: If you need to strip wood boats, fiberglass power boats with strakes, aluminum, steel or concrete surfaces, visit our Marineshaver Pro webpage.

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