Fussy Filla By Two Fussy Blokes 200ml

Fussy Filla By Two Fussy Blokes 200ml

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Fussy Filla - 200ml Tube

Developed by decorators for decorators Fussy Filla is your ideal ready-to-use, water-based filler suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Fussy Filla makes your filling and patching tasks hassle-free and cost-effective.

Get the best results without the frustration of inferior fillers.

Its smooth consistency makes the application process a breeze.

This versatile filler can be used on a variety of surfaces, including timber, plasterboard, fibre cement, and brick.

It's perfect for addressing small or medium-sized holes, ensuring a fast-drying, reliable finish.

For holes larger than 8mm in depth, consider a double application.

Remember, proper priming and adequate application (no underfilling) prevent sagging in small and medium-sized cavities.

We've developed this filler to be both easy to sand and quick to dry and ready for your primer to go over it.

The Fussy Filla formula is designed to minimize wastage, so you can maximize value for your investment.

Other Sizes Available:

1L Container: Ideal for small to medium projects.

4L Pail: Our pail is not only airtight, which prevents the filler from drying up, but it's also shockproof to ensure its content remains secure even if accidentally dropped.

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