Just Brilliant Eraser - Wonder Sponge

Extra Large Commercial Grade Wonder Sponge - Magic Eraser

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Wonder Sponge Commercial Grade - Extra Large

Extra large 280mm x 110mm x 35mm allows this magic eraser to be cut to any size or shape making it incredibly versatile.

There is nothing more frustrating than marks on new paintwork, this brilliant little cleaning sponge will remove nearly all the little marks.

Eliminates the need for costly touch ups and repainting.

Miraculously removes the most stubborn dirt and grime.

Extraordinary cleaning power, works on smooth non-porous surfaces.

Only needs water to work.

Environmentally friendly.

Your eraser pad works a bit like a pencil eraser and will wear out a little as you use it.

280mm x 110mm x 35mm

7 Reasons Every Tradesman should have a Just Brilliant Eraser in their Tool Kit. 

1/ Wiping off dirty finger prints from painted surfaces

2/ Removes oxidation from stainless steel sinks 

3/ Removes scuff marks left from tools and ladders

4/ Awesome for cleaning light switches

5/ Remove adhesive residue after removing stickers

6/ Clean & shine bathroom faucets & fixtures

7/ The most affordable touch up solution available

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