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Esko First Aid Kits - Comprehensive, Compliant And Convenient First Aid Kits - Options For 1-25 Workers

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Esko First Aid Kits - From Lone Worker To Wall Mounted Multiple Person Kits - Find The Right Fit!

3 Handy Sizes of First Aid Kits Available - Find the right one for your first aid needs.

Lone Worker 1 Person - 65 Piece kit

This kit is a very comprehensive single person first aid kit, ideal to keep in all work and personal vehicles. It comes with a handy carabiner to secure the kit to a backpack or garments.


Tools: Rescue Whistle, Stainless Steel Tweezer, Scissors, Thermal Rescue Blanket, 2x Splinter Probes, CPR Mouth Shield, First Aid Guide

Clean: 6x Non Alcohol Cleansing Wipes, 2x Antiseptic Towelettes,

Treat & Protect: 2x Sting Relief Prep Pads, Pair of Disposable Nitrile Gloves, 10x Adhesive Dressing Strips (7.5 x 2cm), 10x Adhesive Butterfly Bandages, 15x Adhesive Bandages (4 x 1cm), 1x Triangular Bandage with Pins, 1x Gauze Roll (5m x 4.5cm), 1x Sterile Pad (22 x 12cm), 2x Sterile Gauze Pads (7.5 x 7.5cm), 4x Sterile Gauze Pads (5 x 5cm), 2x Adhesive Tape Rolls.

Medium Soft Kit - 1-6 Person - 85 Piece kit

This kit is great for households, tradespeople, vehicles, factories, or general work places. Super portable this kit features a sturdy carry handle and secure cable tie fastening - which allows easy identification when the kit has been opened and items may need replacement.


Tools: Stainless Steel Tweezers & Scissors, Thermal Rescue Blanket, 1x Splinter Probes, CPR Resuscitation Mask, 1x Finger Splint/Tongue Depressor, First Aid Guide

Clean:  4x Non Alcohol Prep Pads, 6x Antiseptic Towelettes, 1x Eyewash 15ml Vial, 1x Cotton Bud Pack (10),

Treat & Protect: 3x Antibiotic Ointment Sachets, 1x Sterile Eye Pad, 1x Sting Relief Wipe, 2x Pair of Disposable Nitrile Gloves, 2x Adhesive Dressing Pads (10 x 5cm), 30x Adhesive Dressing Strips (7.5 x 2cm), 10x Adhesive Dressing Pads (2.2 x 2.2cm), 2x Fingertip Fabric Bandages, 2x Knuckle Fabric Bandages, 1x Moleskin (Blister Prevention), 2x Butterfly Wound Closures, 1x Large Trauma Pad, 1x Gauze Roll Bandage, 1x Triangular Bandage with Pins, 6x Sterile Gauze Pads (5 x 5cm), 1x Adhesive Tape Roll.

Large Wall Mountable Kit - 1-25 Person - 116 Piece kit

This kit is ideal for factories, workshops or general work places that require easily accessible first aid kits at the ready. This kit includes ready to mount indents on the back of the plastic case so kits can be kept visible and accessible at all times. When required, the kit can be quickly removed and transported with ease using the carry handle. 


Tools: Stainless Steel Tweezers & Scissors, 1x Thermometer, 1x Flashlight, 4x Splinter Probes, 1x Thermal Rescue Blanket, CPR Resuscitation Mask, 1x First Aid Guide

Clean: 3x Saline 15ml Vials, 3x Eyewash 15ml Vials, 1x Cotton Bud Pack (10),

Treat & Protect: 1x Ice Pack 100g, 4x Burn Cream Sachets, 4x Antibiotic Ointment Sachets, 1x Sterile Eye Pad, 1x Tongue Depressor/Finger Splint,

2x Pair of Disposable Nitrile Gloves, 50x Adhesive Dressing Strips, 2x Large Non-adherent Dressing/Pad, 3x Medium Non-adherent Dressing/Pad, 6x Small Non-adherent Dressing/Pad, 1x Sterile Absorbent Pads (5 x 5cm), 1x Large Sterile Burn Dressing, 1x Gauze Roll Bandage (4.5 x 10cm), 3x Conforming Cotton Bandages (5cm), 3x Conforming Cotton Bandages (7.5cm), 3x Adhesive Tape Rolls, 2x Triangular Bandages, 10x Safety Pins.

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