Ekamant RKXO

Ekamant RKXO - For Heavy Duty And Hard Wood Sanding

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Ekamant RKXO - For Heavy Duty And Hard Wood Sanding!

RKXO is a cloth backed abrasive utilising extra strong resins for use in heavy duty application.

The product is highly adaptable to contours, curves, profiles and especially suitable for profile and hand sanding of all materials.

The efficient and durable aluminium oxide grit together with the robust cloth backing enables high material removal rate even with challenging hard woods.

Ekamant RKXO- is a Extra Strong Resin Bonded, Open Coat Aluminium Oxide on Extra Heavy Duty X Cloth backing.

Available grits:

24, 36, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 & 240

Ideal For:

Soft wood

Hard wood

MDF / particle board

Hard lacquer


Mild Steel / Construction Steel

Aluminium / Magnesium Alloy

Non Ferrous Metals

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