Trimaco E-Z Up Dust Containment Sheeting Poles

E-Z Up Quick Containment Kit

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E-Z Up Containment Kit - Quickly seal off a room or area with this handy kit.

Designed by Trimaco, the E-Z Up Kit is perfect for those summer renovation projects around the house, creating temporary separation in an open space, or just safely stored for an unexpected event. This system will help with limiting the spread of dust, debris or party mess while reducing your time spent cleaning up.  

The E-Z Up Kit:

Poles are made of heavy duty aluminum for durability.

Clip and adjust the poles to ceiling height.  

Each pole can be adjusted between minimum 1.65 - maximum 3.6m. 

Poles contain a quick clip to attach plastic sheeting before adjusting the pole height.

Featuring a unique foot pedal to ensure a snug fit.

Use the E-Z Up Zipper creates an instant doorway in and out of the containment zone.

The self adhesive zipper is double sided for ease of operation from either side.

No loose parts the break or go missing.


2 x 3.6m E-Z Up Poles

2 x Adhesive Zippers.

Handy Carry Bag

Kit can be used with standard plastic cover sheeting, lightweight tarps, plastic coverings, poly and vinyl fabrics and shrink wraps.

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