Dap Alex Painter's Caulk 300ml

Buy The Box - 12 x DAP Alex Painters Acrylic Caulk, 300ml -Made In The USA!

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12 x DAP Alex Painter's Caulk 300ml

DAP Painters caulk is an all purpose acrylic latex which applies smoothly and easily with a paintable finish.

Provides a durable indoor and outdoor caulking product which provides a long lasting seal designed to prevent air and moisture from passing through cracks and joints.

Delivering excellent flexibility to resist expansion and contraction without cracking.

Easy to use, low odour and VOC it is ideal for windows, doors, door frames, eaves, baseboards, moulding, siding/trim, corner joints and ducts.

It will adhere to most common building materials including wood, brick, GIB, metal, concrete, plaster, glass, and painted surfaces.

Can be painted with solvent or water based paints.

Water clean up.
Interior / Exterior.
25 Year Durability Guarantee.
Made In the USA!

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