Wooster Ultra Pro Firm Lindbeck Long Handled Angle Sash Brushes - 6 Pack

Buy a Box - 6 x Wooster Ultra Pro Firm Lindbeck 75mm Long Handled Angle Sash Brushes

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Buy a Box - Wooster Ultra/Pro Firm Lindbeck Angle Sash Paint Brushes - 6 x 75mm

Purchase a Box of 75mm Wooster Ultra Pro Firm Lindbeck Angle Sash Brushes and SAVE OVER 80.00!

Box contains - 6 x 75mm Brushes

Ultra high production makes Ultra/Pro Firm the best-selling blend and a favourite for over 25 years.

Featuring a mix of nylon and polyester, it’s truly an all-purpose professional brush for use in acrylics, latex, or enamels, indoors and out. With fantastic coverage and masterful cut-in control, it saves painters time wherever a firm brush is needed.

Look for the purple and sable brown filament and the maroon stamp on the handle.

Exceptional cut-in control.

Great for:

     1) All medium-bodied coatings like acrylic paints or latex enamels

     2) Warm temperatures, indoors or out

     3) Whenever a painter wants a time-saving firm brush

Round rust-resistant steel ferrule.

Sealed maple wood handle.

One of Wooster’s many innovations in brush making hit the market in 1985. Compared to the industry’s other natural and synthetic filament brushes, the new Ultra/Pro brand featured shorter filaments to offer better control and increased production! Today, Ultra/Pro still sets the gold standard in performance. Wooster’s exclusive “pencil point” tipping virtually eliminates brush-marks and delivers one of the smoothest strokes in the business. Available in soft, firm, and extra-firm blends, all three provide excellent paint pick-up and release for the fastest results.


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