Why Sweep When You Can Sweeper!

Why Sweep When You Can Sweeper!

Posted by Matt Piggin on 22nd Feb 2022

Why Sweep When You Can Sweeper!

I hate sweeping! Using a broom is tedious, and it often feels like you are simply moving dust around, rather than efficiently removing it. So why would you sweep when you can sweeper? If you have never used a sweeper - you are missing out on one of life's great victories over the war on the mundane.

Sweepers will save you time and reduce your labour. Up to 80% more efficient than using a conventional broom, the Sweeper cleans what a broom passes over.

How Does A Sweeper Work?

Typically a sweeper is fitted with 3 brushes. Two large round brushes at the front, and a round brush roller underneath.

The two front brushes rotate in opposite directions pulling larger debris into the centre where the bottom roller sweeps it into the catchment container. The bottom sweeper has the added task of efficiently collecting all the finer dust.

The 3 brush design maximises the debris collected and minimises the need for another pass.

Where can I use a sweeper?

Designed for speed sweeping on wet or dry surfaces, indoors or outdoors. Ideal for use on concrete, asphalt, natural stone, commercial carpeting, and tiled surfaces, whether its fine dust or large debris

At home, in parking lots or maintaining school grounds. Haaga Sweepers are versatile and the perfect choice for quickly cleaning up warehouse flooring, shop areas, construction sites and manufacturing facilities.

Pick the right Haaga sweeper for the job!


Packed with features, your first choice depends on the size of the area you need to clean. With models available for small areas right-through to the Haaga Sweeper 697 that is designed for areas up to 4000sqm

The Sweepers are also available in different widths, the Haaga iSweep 355 is the entry level model at 56cm wide while the Haaga Sweeper 497 Profi comes with a massive 97cm wide sweep.

Manual Sweepers

The simply designed push behind sweeper ideally suited for flat and easy access sites, with 3 models from the compact Haaga Sweeper 355, mid size Haaga 477 Profi and the large Haaga Sweeper 497 Profi

Battery Assisted Sweepers

The Haaga range has 2 battery assisted models available the mid sized Haaga 677 Sweeper and the largest of the Haaga Sweepers the 697. These models are ideal for sloped and really large demanding areas. The battery powered sweepers have a runtime of up to 2 hours, but can also be used as a manual push sweeper without the battery - to finish any cleaning task if running on low power.


Haaga sweepers German made and built to last, and as such come with an absolutely Outstanding Warranty

4-year warranty on brushes

2-year warranty overall