Rupes Bigfoot Polishing Compounds - System Based Polishing

Rupes Bigfoot Polishing Compounds - System Based Polishing

Posted by Matt Piggin on 1st Nov 2023

Rupes Bigfoot Polishers - System Based Polishing

Tool - Compound - Pad

I recently spent a morning with the Global Director of Training for Rupes USA, Master Detailer Jason Rose. When you are being taught with the knowledge that Jason has, you realise how much there is to learn, and with that learning how much better and easier it is to do a job and get spectacular results.

Rupes have built a system to tackle any polishing task. The system has three components, Tool, Compound and Pad. In this blog we will look at the compound.

The Compounds

BigFoot Polishing compounds are the result of in-depth studies and research, and consist of the highest quality abrasive mixes, all of which are body shop safe. The Bigfoot range of compounds are designed to be matched with the specific Tool you are using - Rotary, Random Orbital or Gear Driven. 

Polishing compounds always offer several options within each tool specific range, including high cut rate, high polish finishes and protective coats - using the right one makes the job so much easier.

(Please note this is a basic overview of the common products)

Bigfoot Rotary Polishing Compounds

Rotary Coarse

A high-performance compound recommended for first step polishing.

BigFoot's Coarse compound is its most "aggressive" grain, used for quickly removing marks and scratches. With a high degree of efficiency, it can restore paints and generate a gloss that looks like it just came from a showroom. Anybody requiring speedy and superior results will find it the ideal abrasive.

Rotary Fine

The ideal composition for perfect finishes on particularly hard clear coats.

This highly refined, water-soluble abrasive compound is perfect for removing paint blemishes and producing a flawless finish in spot repair, following the micro abrasive nib removal process. This formula offers exceptional scratch and defect removal results, allowing for a spotless, restored surface.

Bigfoot Random Orbital And Gear Driven Polishing Compounds

D-A Coarse - Cut Polishing Compound

Rupes D-A Coarse is the latest high-performance compound from RUPES designed for maximum efficiency. This fast cutting compound is ideal for users who want quick defect removal and smooth user experience on every type of paint

D-A Fine - Fine Polishing Compound

 D-A Fine represents the perfect second polishing step after DA-Coarse on virtually every type of painted, gelcoat, or varnished finish or as a stand-alone solution for light polishing needs.

UNO - Universally Compatible Polishes

UNO Pure - Ultra Finishing Polish

This product is excellent for attaining a show car finish on light or dark colored paints that are very soft or prone to hazing. With the lack of fillers, effortless application, and simple removal, users can expect a superior experience. UNO Pure is a universally compatible, ultra-fine abrasive polish designed for use on all tool types, including Rotary, Random Orbital, or Gear-Driven Orbital.

Uno Protect - One Step Polish And Sealant

This premium 3-in-1 product quickly removes moderate defects and produces a high-sheen, protected surface with less effort. It is ideal for express and high-volume detailers, dealerships, auto reconditioning shops, and auctions.

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Happy Polishing!

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