Labour Weekend & The DIY Psyche

Labour Weekend & The DIY Psyche

Posted by Matt Piggin on 16th Oct 2018

Here it comes ........... A massive change in the Kiwi psyche.

Labour weekend marks a major change in the way Kiwi's think (even if it rains), we start planning all those DIY projects that we want to achieve over the coming summer months, particularly those outdoor jobs like building a fence, painting the roof, water blasting the house, staining the deck  or even 'no christmas holiday this year I am painting the whole house'

Summer is a great time, we feel positive and ready to go, the sunshine gives us plenty of that much needed vitamin D after the long winter months, but remember this is the NZ sun and too much exposure can be more harmful than beneficial.

At Millin we were having a chat around how when the sun comes out, you pull the old sunblock out of the cupboard, the hats are no longer a woolen beanie but need to be functional to keep the sun off and when you go to start these outdoor jobs half the safety items you need can no longer be located or are well passed their use by date. 

This led us to a simple solution of creating the all in one Kiwi Summer Safety Pack, this great pack includes hat, safety shades, sunblock, ear plugs, disposable masks and even lip balm, this pack has you covered and ready to get stuck into whatever task you choose to do first.

So whatever you choose to do this labour weekend be safe especially in the sun!