How To Plaster 3 Way Internal Drywall Corners Like A Pro - The Easy Way!

How To Plaster 3 Way Internal Drywall Corners Like A Pro - The Easy Way!

Posted by Matt Piggin on 29th Apr 2022

How To Plaster Internal Drywall Corners Like A Pro - The Easy Way!

Finishing internal corners where 2 walls meet a ceiling has always been one of the more challenging aspects of plastering, regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional gib stopper or a weekend warrior. 

An internal 3 way corner requires 3 different strips of paper tape to meet perfectly in the corner and then for the plaster compound to go on evenly in all directions while trying not to pull the bedding tape away. If you overfill any side you have to slowly hand sand to remove, and after all that it has to stand up to the scrutiny of paint, providing straight lines that look great.

Introducing 3WAY 

The first One Piece inside drywall corner. 

Improve your Quality, save on Labor, and do it Quicker.

If you tape by hand or use machines, you can drywall tape quicker when you don’t have to mud all the way into the corner. The innovative design of the 3 Way has an adjustable flap to allow for accurate angle variation. Tradesman will immediately recognize how much time they will save being so quick and easy they are to install and work with.

What is 3 Way?

It is a premade internal corner, adjustable to match the angles you are working with. It has a reinforced backing to cover gaps and defects The clever design incorporates a perforated edge to ensure permanent bonding and the bevel allows for a perfect result every time.

How Do I use 3 Way?

Fold 3Way on creased lines. Apply even thinned down mud into drywall corner and 3Way fold behind flap.

Press into corner, adjusting fit to corner as required. Wipe out excess mud, while pressing 3Way tight into the corner.

First coat beveled edges of 3Way Second coat to tie into corner tapes, let dry and sand.

Check out the How-To Videos Here

How Long Does It Last?

More durable than paper tapes, no corner cracks, fast, easy, and perfect corners!

Tapes can bunch up in the corner, not have enough mud, and so many other problems. 

3WAY solves all your drywall corner finishing pains.

So Do we have you a little curious about your first 3 Way? Want to get started

you can purchase them Here

Meet the team who designed the 3 Way and read the review Here