Always Breathe Pure Air - RUPES Niveus Professional Air Purifier

Always Breathe Pure Air - RUPES Niveus Professional Air Purifier

Posted by Matt Piggin & Nikki Michaels on 17th Mar 2022

Why you need the RUPES Niveus Professional Air Purifier

Ventilation and air quality in indoor spaces are top-of-mind these days. Whether you’re working from home, in an office with others, or in a retail or other commercial environment, it’s critical to ensure you’re breathing in the healthiest possible air.

But when you’re dealing with a smaller area, it can be tough to find an air purifier that’ll do an effective job without causing a significant amount of noise or taking up an irritating amount of space.

In this quick blog, we’ll talk about why the RUPES Niveus Professional Air Purifier is the ideal solution to this issue — and why it’s an excellent investment for your health!

What makes the Niveus so good?

The Niveus uses an incredibly robust three-layer filtration system to remove up to 99.9995% (yes, you read that right!) of potentially harmful air particles, including microorganisms, bacteria, ultra-fine dust, allergens such as pollen and pet dander, and airborne viruses like COVID-19. Here’s how it works:

Filtration. Air passes through an 8m² ULPA (Ultra-Low Particulate Air) grade U15 filter. These filters are made of fine mesh that immediately blocks harmful particles from reentering your airspace.

UV-C technology. Next, the air enters a steriliser chamber that uses UV-C disinfection technology (scientifically proven to mitigate the transmission of COVID) to neutralise any remaining ultra-microorganisms.

Purification. Once all the harmful particles have been removed or sterilised, the air passes through a final purification step, going through a 1m² activated carbon filter with a multi-layer structure. This ensures that the cleanest possible air is being circulated back into your space.

More benefits of the Niveus

The efficacy of the Niveus’s three-layer filtration system offers strong peace of mind for users; when it’s on, you can rest assured you’re doing everything you can to keep your air clean and your body healthy. But in addition to that, here are a few of the key benefits you’ll enjoy with this system:

  • An unparalleled option for any space up to 120m² (or 300m³). The Niveus is a prime tool for home or commercial office spaces, meeting rooms, workshops, small to medium retail stores, and the like.
  • Portability and moveability. The Niveus is small but mighty; with its built-in wheels and at just 32 kilograms in weight, it’s a breeze to move around your space.
  • Cost-efficient, energy-saving brushless motor. The Niveus’s powerful, high-performance brushless motor has an 86W power output and a 300m³ flow rate, enabling it to effectively cover your entire space. A long lifespan of 40,000 hours makes it incredibly energy-efficient and a particularly good investment.
  • Quiet on-mode. That brushless motor runs at a low 40 dBA, meaning you don’t have to worry about any loud noise drowning out your conversations or distracting you from your work.
  • Improved air quality and reduced environmental risk. Whether you’re looking to increase protection for yourself, your family, or your workmates, the Niveus significantly mitigates the environmental risk associated with living or working in a space that has limited natural ventilation.

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