Airless Spray Tips- Choosing The Correct Tip Size

Airless Spray Tips- Choosing The Correct Tip Size

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Tip Sizes - Airless
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Choosing The Correct Tip Size - A General Guide To Help With Selection.

Airless spray tips come with multiple options of fan width, orifice size and atomizing application.

Airless spray tips will always have a 3 digit number on the side eg 415, 517 etc, the first number tells you what size the fan is and second 2 numbers are the size of the orifice. 

The size of the fan is calculated by doubling the number on the tip and that in inches is the size, eg a 415 is an 8 inch fan and a 517 is a 10 inch fan. 

The second 2 numbers tell you how big the hole is and is a direct indication of what sort of paint will be able to be sprayed, eg a 211 has a small orifice meaning it will be suitable for thinner paints like waterbased enamels, where as a 517 is ideal for thicker paints like undercoats and roof paint.

My personal approach to choosing a tip is as follows:

Small fan / orifice for small surfaces (209, 211, 311, 313), eg architraves, windows, furniture

Medium fan / orifice for medium surfaces (315, 413, 415, 417), eg walls, ceilings

Big fan / orifice for large areas (515, 517, 519, 521), eg roofs, factories, 

The size guide should be used only as a general indication,, if you would like more advice please give me a call or email (contact details here)

Please note some products will have a manufacturers recommended tip size.