Wagner Heavy Duty Canvas Drop Cloths

6 Pack - Medium / Large - Wagner Heavy Duty Canvas Painters Drop Cloths - 12' x 9' (3.6m x 2.7m)

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Heavy Duty Canvas Painters Drop Cloths - 6 Pack

12' x 9' (3.66m x 2.74m) 

Heavy Duty canvas drop cloth with double sided hemming for superior durability.

8+oz 100% Natural cotton cloth, with extra tight weave.

Where can this product be used?

Uses include sanding walls, mouldings & window sills.

What materials is this product suitable for?


Plaster & Plasterboard

Painted walls mouldings and window sills

How to use this product

Spread out cloth on floor to prevent paint spatter.

Cover furniture and other non-movable items to protect them.

Ensure sufficient overlap where cloths butt up against each other.

Clean up significant spills immediately to prevent them soaking through the cloth.

Hang cloth to dry when washed before folding for storage.

Handy tips

Ensure cloth is spread out smoothly to prevent unprotected areas and or trip hazards.

Fold cloth to size required before placement to ensure even coverage in small areas.

Safety tips

Keep plastic drop cloths or plastic bags away from children.

Place ladders etc onto secured cloths to prevent slippage.

Storage and re-use

Ensure cloths are clean and dry before storage to maximise life.

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