Wooster Gold Edge Paint Brushes

50mm Wooster Gold Edge Paint Brush

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50mm Wooster Gold Edge Paint Brush

The Next Generation Is Here!

Following the success of the Silver Tip brush series, Wooster have developed a new option with firmer filaments.

Gold Edge paint brushes are made with an exclusive formula of chemically tipped polyester.

The filament is very soft and fine to virtually eliminate any brushmarks, yet it has added stiffness to push the paint further on the surface and provide control for sharp, single pass cuts.

Excellent for all paints including enamels.

Stainless steel ferrule.

Beech hardwood handle.

All Wooster paint brushes are handcrafted in the USA and are of the highest quality

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The Pro Finish is a handcrafted high quality Filament Brush that produces a professional finish.
- Finely tapered nylon and polyester filament
- Stain timber handle
- Brushed stainless steel ferrule.
- Comes in a sturdy, re-usable storage pa