230mm Haydn Microfibre Roller Sleeves 3 Pack

3 Pack Haydn 230mm Trade Microfibre General Purpose Sleeves - 9mm Nap

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Haydn 230mm Trade Microfibre 9mm Nap Sleeves - 3 Pack 

3 Packs are a great choice as allow for quick colour changes

Trade Range, 9mm Nap, 230mm wide.

The 9mm Microfibre sleeves are ideal for finish coats on ceilings and walls providing a super smooth professional finish.

Uses: Imperfect walls and ceilings, textured plaster and embossed wallpaper.

Suitable For: Water and oil based paints and polyurethane.

Microfibre technology has revolutionised paint roller sleeves.

The finish from Micro Fibre rollers has been likened to a spray finish, there is no spatter or dripping.

The sleeves hold more paint than other rollers so coverage is faster.

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