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Who is Millin?

Millin is the Sole New Zealand Distributor for the incredible Paint Shaver® Pro. We have tested, and tested it and are convinced that this is the new face of paint stripping. So we fiqured if you were coming here to buy the Paint Shaver® Pro, why not offer everything else. So here we are.

The Millin goal is to provide great service + great deals.

What is the Millin Difference?

  1. We don't run accounts or credit. We have no desire to chase bad debts. Because we don't, it lets us pass the savings on through incredible pricing. Every time you purchase from a traditional store there is an inbuilt percentage for chasing bad debts. Why should you pay for that? You pay your bills on time! 
  2. We don't hide the price. 24 hours / 7 days a week you know what you are paying.
  3. Easy ordering. No 9-5 here. Order when it's convenient for you. Compare prices and products.
  4. We come to you. Forget going to the store. Everything is delivered to your door.
  5. We buy in bulk so you get the savings. We have some incredible deals coming up. These are emailed out so get on the list and see how much you can save!
  6. Everyone gets the deals. Whether you are individual painter or a corporation. 
  7. New Products Added Daily. We are always looking for new products to buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you.
  8. We DO NOT PARALLEL IMPORT. All tools come with full manufacturers warranties