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Wagner Speed Shield - New and Innovative

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Wagner Speed Shield

This rather clever and innovative product from Wagner takes airless spray painting to a whole new level.

It is designed to do your cutting in, where previously you would, either mask everything up, use a spray board or just cut in with a brush. Now you can quickly and easily attach the Wagner Speed Shield without the need for doing any of these.

The concept is simple enough, the practical outworking is genius. The shield is round and rotates to act as a wheel so that it rolls over the surface to be painted but maintains the primary purpose of protecting the surface that is not being painted. As the shield rolls it keeps the spray pattern at the correct distance for fast and accurate cutting in.

It can be attached to any standard extension pole to increase reach.

Watch the video to see this clever piece of technology in action

Recommended Tips Size: 411, 511, 513 or 613 with rough surfaces 

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